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A Borrego Century


One day this past March, Randy and I road 100 miles across the Anza-Borrego Dessert.

We started in Borrego Springs, rode over to the Salton Sea, north to the town of Indio,

then back to Salton City.

1 Camped at the base of the mountain (3).jpg
Camped at the Base of this Mountain

2 We slept on the tarp under the stars--fantastic! (3).jpg
We Slept Under the Stars on a Tarp - Awesome, Clear Night Sky!

3 Starting Point in Borrego Springs (3).jpg
Starting Point in Borrego Springs

4 A One-Woman Volunteer Award-Winning Support Team (3).jpg
A One-woman, Award-winning Support Team

5Headed Out of Town (3).jpg
Headed Out of Town

6 Acting Like It's Nothing (3).jpg
Acting Like It's Nothing - Actually, it seemed like nothing for Randy. For me it was a major challenge.

7 Down to the Sea (3).jpg
Down to the Salton Sea

8 Randy at Salton City (3).jpg
Randy at Salton City

8bThe Salton Sea (3).jpg
The Salton Sea

9 Art from Colorado in Salton City (3).jpg
Art from Colorado in Salton City

10 Norm Niver President of the Salton City Chamber of Commerce (3).jpg
Norm Niver of the Salton City Chamber of Commerce

11 Mom and boy on a lunch break at Desert Shores (3).jpg
Mom and Her Boy on a Lunch Break at Desert Shores

12 Lunch Break (3).jpg
A Break

13 North toward Indio (3).jpg
North Toward Indio

14 Randy Finish (3).jpg
Randy Arrives at the Finishline

15 A Century Later (3).jpg
Both of Us Back in Salton City - Randy's ready for another nundred; I'm ready to sell my bike.