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Sierra Album

Purple Mountains.jpg
Purple Sierra Mountains

In front of a Giant Sequoia.jpg
In Front of a Giant Sequoia

Look Up!.jpg
Look Up!

Road's End.jpg
Road's End in the Heart of King's Canyon National Park

Ranger Ron Rowan - My Last Conversation.jpg
Ranger Ron Rowan - My Last Conversation

Collared Deer.jpg
A Collared Deer - The First of Many Animals I'd See

One of Many Bear Warnings.jpg
One of Many Bear Warnings

The Sphynx.jpg
The Sphynx - Near the Confluence of King's River and Bubbs Creek

Refreshing Fountain.jpg
A Refreshing Fountain

My Load.jpg
My Load - Over 50 pounds

Rattlesnake Surprise.jpg
Rattlesnake Surprise

Rattles Prevent Snake Bites.jpg
Rattles Prevent Snake Bites

Cool Waters.jpg
Cool Waters

Junction Meadow.jpg
Junction Meadow


Flower Garden.jpg
Flower Garden

Yellow Flowers.jpg
Yellow Flowers

Christmas Tree.jpg
Christmas Tree

12 down, 5 to Go.jpg
12 Down, 5 to Go (plus one more to the backside)

Colorado Reminder.jpg
Colorado Reminder


High Sierras.jpg
High Sierras

Mountain Glaciers.jpg
Mountain Glaciers

East Lake.jpg
East Lake

East Lake Mirror.jpg
East Lake Mirror

First Glimpse of Lake Reflection.jpg
First Glimpse of Lake Reflection

Glacier-fed Lake Reflection.jpg
Glacier-fed Lake Reflection

Lake Reflection - Home in Solitude for Three Days

Pink Flower.jpg
Pink Flower

Glacial Stream.jpg
Glacial Stream

Lake Trout.jpg
A Lake Trout

Sierra Skies.jpg
Sierra Sky

King's Mountain.jpg
King's Mountain

Reflecting at Lake Reflection.jpg
Reflecting at Lake Reflection (with a 10-second Camera Timer)

Happy to Be Alone.jpg
Grateful for Solitude

A Post Thuderstorm Mysterious Mold.jpg
A Mysterious Mold Appears after a Long Thunderstorm

A Daytime Shelter against the Sun.jpg
A Daytime Shelter from the Sun

Nice View.jpg
Nice View

A Diabolical Pest.jpg
A Diabolical Pest

Bubbling Brook.jpg
Bubbling Brook


Conrad II.jpg
Conrad II

A Pika

White Blooming Flowers.jpg
White Blooming Flowers

Under the Stars for Six Nights.jpg
Under the Stars Alone for Six Nights

Ready to Return Home.jpg
Ready for the 18-Mile Hike Toward Home

Reflection on Lake Reflection.jpg
Reflection on Lake Reflection

A Reflection Brighter than Its Object.jpg
Another Reflection Reflection


Hiding Black Bear.jpg
Hiding Black Bear

Train of 25 Mules.jpg
A Train of 20 Mules

18-mile Day.jpg
After an 18-mile Day - and not a Stitch of Food

First Conversation.jpg
Carol - My First Conversation