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March to the Sea Album

0 Marked Map.jpg
The 40-Mile Route

1 Anticipation.JPG

2 Saddled Up.JPG
Saddled Up

3 Sunrise Moonset.JPG
Twilight's First Gleaming

4 Light in the Darkness.JPG
Light in the Darkness

5 A Common Site.JPG
The Road Can Kill

6 Picket Fence.JPG

7 Randy on the Long Road Ahead.JPG
The Road Ahead

8 Eternity Somewhere.JPG
Eternity Somewhere

9 Staples.JPG

10 Preemptive Measures.JPG
Preemptive Measures

11 Wisps of Colorado.JPG
Wisps of Colorado

12 Sunrise.JPG

15Sunrise II.JPG
Sunrise II

13 Approaching Ramona.JPG
Approaching Ramona

14 Self Portrait.JPG
Self Portrait

16 Times Gone By.JPG
Times Gone By

17 First Splurge.JPG
First Splurge

18 A Ways to Go.JPG
Still a Ways to Go

19 Outreach.JPG

20 Still Smiling.JPG
Still Smiling

21 Energy to Spare.JPG
Energy to Spare

22 I Love Him for It.JPG
The Wrath of God Meets the Love of God

23 Self Portrait II.JPG
Self Portrait II

25 Road Narrows.JPG
Road Narrows

26 Prickly Pear (2).JPG
Prickly Pear

27 Descent.JPG

28 Step 1.JPG

29 Step 2.JPG

30 Wagon Trail.JPG
Wagon Trail

31 A Rock in the Shoe.JPG
Rock in the Shoe

32 Where do fast trucks drive.JPG
Then where do fast trucks go?

33 Smile from God.JPG
Smile from God

34b Ready for More.JPG
Ready for More

35 Forbidden Fruit.JPG
Forbidden Fruit

36 Hard-working Alberto.JPG
Hard-working Alberto

37 A Welcome Rest.JPG
A Welcome Rest

38 San Diego's Wild Animal Park.JPG
San Diego's Wild Animal Park

39 An Oasis.JPG
Ali's "Oasis"

40 Quenched at Last.JPG
Quenched at Last

He Loved He Gave We Believe We Live.JPG
He Loved, He Gave, We Believe, We Live

41 A 14-year-old Champion.JPG
A Fourteen-year-old Champion

42 Aroma Therapy.JPG
Aroma Therapy

43 22 down, 18 to Go.JPG
22 Down, 18 to Go

44 99 Billion and Two.JPG
99 Billion and Two

45 Let's Eat!.JPG
Mickey Dee's Dinner

46 Nap at Mile 27.JPG
Nap at Mile 27

47 Rendezvous at Panda Express.JPG
Rendezvous at Panda Express

48 9 Miles to Go.JPG

Nine Miles to Go
(The funny white stuff is my reflector jacket responding to the camera flash.)

49 40 Miles--Dusted!.JPG
40 Miles—Dusted!

50 Ron at March's End.JPG
Ron Completes "The March to the Sea"

53 Journey's End.JPG
Journey's End (11:49 p.m.)

51 Witnesses Maureen and Lorraine.JPG
Witnesses Maureen and Lorraine